Boldon Students attend ACF Summer Camp

Boldon School students, Adam Whitmore, Alex Duerden, Adam Stewart, Kevin Yorston, Megan Madson and Emma Worthy attended ATC annual camp for two weeks during the summer holidays. Mrs Moir an instructor in the Sea Cadet Corps who also attended, was delighted to see our students fully participating in the challenging activities based at Warcop Army Training Camp in North Yorkshire.


The programme was packed full of exciting and challenging activities, some of which the students had not tried before. For many of the students the high point was the chance to spend a number of nights living out in the field, learning military tactics and fieldcraft in mock ambush situations.  Adventurous training was another focus, with abseiling, mountain biking, and kayaking.


Our students also had the opportunity to meet cadets from other detachments some of whom will become friends for life. Many of the activities in the Cadet Forces are low cost and uniforms are provided (except footwear). If you would like information on any of the cadet forces Mrs Moir would be happy to assist.