Parent Governor Vacancies

We currently have 2 parent governor vacancies to commence 6 December 2017. Interested parents should collect a nomination form from school reception from Monday 13/11/17 to be returned by Friday 17/11/17

Boldon School Positively Making Progress

  Boldon School is celebrating record-breaking results again after the government’s release of the new Progress Eight performance measures. Progress Eight is the newest benchmark for measuring a school’s overall performance.  The measure, which tracks the progress pupils make over five years, and across eight subjects – as opposed to five, has now become the[…]

Attendance at Boldon School

We have produced an attendance booklet for all staff, parents and students at Boldon school. Attendance is one of our key school improvement priorities this year and the school has appointed a second attendance officer, Mrs Copeland to ensure we are making progress with attendance and punctuality. Please take the time to read the booklet,[…]

Boldon School is in the parliament review.

Boldon School shares best practice alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in The Parliamentary Review Boldon School appears alongside Prime Minister Theresa May in the 2016/17 Parliamentary Review. Established by former minister The Rt Hon David Curry in 2010, The Parliamentary Review’s September release is now a key fixture in the political calendar.   Boldon School features[…]

Sea Cadet Experience

Our students that are participating in the Sea Cadet experience arrived safely at SCTC Caledonia for activities week. They were greeted by Captain Peter Adams (Royal Navy)

Powburn May 2017

This weekend (12th -14th May) gave us amazing weather in Powburn. Our route took us to Dunstonborough Castle up in Northumberland. 29 students thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the ruins, playing hide & seek, while making new friends and experiencing the great outdoors! Our evaluations proved it to be another success after reading the question: What[…]