July 14, 2015

Register of Governors

Instrument of Government

Boldon School

Composition of the Governing Board:
• 4 parent governors
• 1 head teacher
• 1 staff governor
• 1 local authority governor
• 10 co-opted governors

Committees of the Governing Board:
• Finance
• Staffing
• Standards
• Pay Review
• Disciplinary (Pupils)
• Appeals/Complaints

Chair of Governors:
Mr C Berry

Vice Chair of Governors:
Mr J A Creswell





Governors that have stepped down are:
  • Martin Meling – Who was appointed by the LEA – Stepped down in July 2015
  • George Jolley – Who was a parent Governor – Stepped down in July 2015
  • Stephen Brown – Who was a co-Opted Governor – Stepped down in October 2016
  • Tina Roach – Who was a co-opted Governor – Stepped down in June 2017


The Annual Statement

The school was inspected in May 2017 and judged to be ‘requiring improvement’. However, the report did state that ‘The vast majority of pupils conduct themselves well in classrooms and around the school. Pupils enjoy school and the range of opportunities offered to them. Pastoral support is highly effective‘. Improving attendance and outcomes for students, especially those who are disadvantaged, continue to be a priority for staff and governors.

Governors provide good challenge and support for the school. They are aware of difficulties within education and demonstrate a good understanding of how well teaching and students’ progress are improving.

Governors show high levels of commitment to the school’s ongoing drive for improvement. They played a significant role in the restructuring of leadership and management, and in reducing staffing since the previous inspection. They held the school to account robustly over the decline in performance in 2014. Governors have a good understanding of achievement data as evidenced in the governor standards committee. They are well informed about the work of the school, including its performance, the quality of teaching and its challenging financial position.

School performance has improved in recent years and the number of students gaining level 4+ GCSE English and mathematics is 61.5% and for level 5+ it is 33%.

Governors ensure that funding is allocated well to achieve good value from spending decisions, For example, they know how pupil premium funds are spent, and continue to challenge the school to improve the achievement of the group students for whom its intended. Governors manage the head teacher’s performance effectively and are involved in agreeing the salary progression of only those staff who meet their performance targets fully.

The governing body hold the senior staff to account with reference to student outcomes. This is evidenced by the improved performance and behaviour of our students. A new behaviour policy was introduced in January 20917 and this has resulted in ‘disruption free learning’ across every area of the school.

Whilst staff and governors were disappointed at the judgement made by Ofsted in the spring, we all continue to strive for the highest achievements from our students and this is evidenced by the three year positive trend in GCSE results.

Autumn 2017.


(Ofsted, March 2015)

The governing body hold senior staff to account with reference to student outcomes. This is evidenced by the improved performance and behaviour of our students.

The school is awaiting an Ofsted inspection and is working very hard towards securing a ‘good’ judgement. External school reviews during the last academic year support this outcome.

Recent reorganisation to improve outcomes for students and to reflect the current position for the school have continued in 2015-16 and the school is now in a strong position to continue its upward trajectory of performance.

Autumn 2016