March 16, 2011


The Humanities and Mfl faculty’s overall aim is to promote a tolerance and understanding of human values and attitudes, past and present. To foster and develop our student’s knowledge and respect for how people choose to live in our diverse and ever changing world.
Our faculty is staffed by experienced practitioners who are passionate and committed to their specialist subject areas. The faculty comprises Religious Education, History, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages.

All students follow Key Stage 3 courses in Religious Education, History, Geography and Mfl. At Key Stage 4 students are provided with the opportunity to continue and develop their studies and gain GCSE qualifications.

As a school we are committed to instilling core values into our students such as tolerance, respect, acceptance of others which includes the study of two major world religions in greater depth. All students continue to study Religious Education throughout their time at Boldon School following either the full or short course to GCSE level.

Faculty Staff members:
Mr A Smith – Faculty Leader and teacher of RE
Mrs A Jones – Faculty Coordinator and teacher of RE
Mrs Y Chidley – Geography
Mr J Davey – History and Director of Learning
Mrs A Moore – Assistant head teacher and teacher of RE
Mr C Smith – History
Ms. A Tomlinson – Modern Foreign Languages

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