September 23, 2014


Geography is everywhere!!

Geography is the study of the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, and people.

With Geography you always know you’re going places – because Geography is the subject where it’s at!!!

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Watch this small movie to see the different kinds of Geography and the topics you might study in a Geography lesson.

Why is Geography worth studying?

Geography provides us with an understanding of our ever changing world.  Geography is unique in joining the social sciences (human geography) with the natural sciences (physical geography).  Geography provides something to interest everyone.

As an academic subject, it is valued by universities and many employers because it provides a context for looking at contemporary issues and problems from a wide perspective.  These issues affect us all at work and in our daily lives and help inform the decisions that will shape our future.


The added bonus of this subject is that Geography develops many transferable skills related to a wide range of careers such as data collection and handling, research and report writing, preparing maps and diagrams, understanding values and attitudes involved in debates, analysing and problem-solving, decision-making, developing a reasoned argument, numerical skills, team working, planning skills, presenting oral and written arguments and using ICT.


What topics will you study?
Year 7

A mix of physical and human geography studying local, national and global geographical issues.  After a basic introduction to the skills pupils will need over the 2 year course — topics then include Exploring England, Settlement, Population and Development, Brazil and the Issues of the Rainforest, Rivers and Coastlines.

Year 8

A mix of physical and human geography studying local, national and global geographical issues. Topics include; Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Fragile Ecosystems, Japan, and the final topic is Crime.

Key stage 3 National Curriculum Geography Programme of Study


The current syllabus is AQA syllabus A with the physical themes of Tectonics, Rivers and Glaciation (Paper 1) and the human themes of Population, Development and Tourism Paper 2).  This course is completed in 1 year.

Where possible pupils will also see Geography in Action.  A Year 9 team studied the issue of Global Warming.  Pupils used their knowledge from lessons to claim victory in a South Tyneside competition where they designed an invention to help reduce global warming.

AQA Geography Spec A papers 1 and 2

The winner’s trophy!

How will you study Geography?

Geography lessons will contain a range of activities for all learning styles and will often involve interactive elements  such as movie clips, model making, presentations, games and songs.


Example KS3 Geography work
Geography Department Staff

Mrs Y Chidley and Mr J Davey

Final note

If you have been interested in the topics mentioned, then you may wish to visit some of the sites below and read up some more or play on some of the Geographical games.