March 16, 2011


Why study history?

History teaches you how and why the world came to be as it is today; it provides you with a greater understanding of the world in which you live. History deals with big issues such as racism, power, war, politics, discrimination & terrorism. Only through having some knowledge of history can you comprehend the issues which face us today.

Studying history also develops a range of transferable skills which are highly valued in further and higher education and the world of work, for example: Research skills; problem solving; handling and analysing data; literacy skills e.g. essay writing and analysing texts; how to construct an argument; how to select and use a wide range of evidence.

Key Stage 3 History


Norman Conquest

The struggle between Church and Crown.

Medieval Life.

The Black Death.

The Peasants Revolt.

The Reformation.

The Elizabethan Age.




Industrial Revolution.

Twentieth Century Conflicts.

The Holocaust.

USA in the Twentieth Century

A pre 1066 study

Key Stage 3 National Curriculum History Programme of Study

KS4 GCSE History

We currently study AQA syllabus B: Modern World History. This is a relevant and interesting course covering various aspects of twentieth century world history. Year 9 students who will now be going into Year 10 in September 2016 will be following a different syllabus with the Edexcel exam board:

Unit 1- International Relations:
  • The Origins of the First World War
    • Peacemaking 1918-1919 and the League of Nations
    • Hitler’s foreign policy and the origins of the Second World War
Unit 2- 20th Century Depth Studies:
  • The Roaring 20s: USA 1919-1929
    • From Tsardom to Communism; Russia 1914-24
    • Depression and the New Deal: The USA, 1929–1941
    • Hitler’s Germany 1929-1939
Unit 3- Controlled Assessment

Historical Enquiry: The British people in war
View this PowerPoint presentation for further information on the GCSE History course.

The new GCSE course, for which teaching began with Year 9 in the summer term, is with the Edexcel exam board.  The first examinations for this course will take place in 2018.


The four areas of study will be:

Elizabethan England

Crime and Punishment

Germany 1918-1939

The American West

History Staff

Mr. C. Smith and Mr. J. Davey

History Websites

GCSE sites: