March 16, 2011

PE Faculty

The PE and Sport Faculty encompasses PE, Dance and Duke of Edinburgh. At KS3 core PE lessons are taught mostly in single sex groups and follow a broad and balanced curriculum. Students take part in a range of traditional sports including football, rugby and netball as well as less traditional sports such as health related exercise and Tchoukball. 

At KS4, classes may be mixed and follow a particular pathway tailored to the student’s particular interests. Pathways can be tailored to those who prefer to work as a team and include sports such as rugby, netball and rounders. Where-as for those students who prefer individual sports can do badminton, table tennis and HRE. for the more creative and artistic students we offer dance, cheerleading and gymnastics. At KS4 we also offer a range of qualifications including GCSE PE, BTEC Sport level 2, GCSE Dance and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Students are also given the opportunity to develop further qualifications including First Aid, and Leadership Awards.


All pupils have the opportunity to benefit from the school’s extensive sporting facilities, which include a swimming pool, sports hall, gymnasium, fitness suite, outdoor gym, dance studio, tennis courts, a floodlit AstroTurf and large playing fields.

Pupils are encouraged to join in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Staff run many school teams as well as organising non-competitive and recreational activities, giving everyone the opportunity to be active, regardless of their ability. Competition takes place throughout the year, with pupils competing in intra house activities. We also take part in inter school competitions within South Tyneside and are part of the School Games programme.

Staff devote much time and effort to encourage all pupils not only to take part, but also to enjoy themselves. Opportunities are given to help pupils develop self-esteem and confidence as well as helping to improve physical skills. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and often lead activities themselves. The faculty also tries to develop an understanding of the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Good quality PE clothing in school colours can only be purchased from JK Clothing in Jarrow. See our PE clothing page for further information.

To satisfy Health and Safety requirements, no jewellery of any kind is to be worn in lessons and long hair must be tied back. A valuables box is provided for pupil use. When pupils are unable to participate in lessons they are to bring a covering note from home explaining the problem but they are still expected to bring PE clothing to take part in the lesson in some capacity. Where the illness or injury is of a long-term nature, a medical note will be required.

Boldon School has an enviable reputation for its outstanding participation in sport and it is hoped that all children who attend the school will benefit from the staff’s expertise and enthusiasm, and that they will enjoy making the most of their sporting opportunities.

PE Curriculum


In Years 7 & 8 students will be provided with two hours of core Physical Education every week. All students will follow a prescribed curriculum where they will participate in broad and balanced variety of learning experiences, including team, individual games, swimming and elements of creativity.

They will rotate every half term and also be part of a House system where they take part in activities and competitions to maintain a sense of unity and work as a group. Many aspects of the curriculum are supported with extra-curricular activities.


 In Years 9, 10 & 11 students will be provided with two hours of core Physical Education every week. All students will be given a choice of pathway to follow throughout the year.

In Year 9 students will be offered a range of new sporting experiences alongside the traditional studied at KS3. They will choose a pathway that has a mixture of activities within.

In Year 10 students will have a greater knowledge and understanding of each activity and are more aware of the types of sporting activities that they prefer to participate in, therefore pathways are designed to allow students to pick a range within a category eg Competitive Team Sports, Individual Sports, Aesthetic Activities, HRE Activities and Leadership Opportunities.

In Year 11 students are given a blank canvas and are allowed to choose their own activities to follow throughout the year. Once that choice has been made, their tailored curriculum is set.


Students are offered BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Sport.


 Students are encouraged to lead an active and healthy lifestyle away from the PE curriculum and at Boldon we offer an extensive range of activities after school to support and extend the curriculum. Many of these activities can lead to representing the school in certain areas competitively and others for nothing more than pure enjoyment and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We hope that students will continue these as a lifelong passion.

Boldon offers activities such as Parkour, Badminton, Futsal, Trampolining, Basketball, Cricket, Academies in Football and Dance and then the Fitness Suite is open every evening.