July 11, 2018

KS3 Core PE

Students follow a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 3 covering a range of activities from the below categories.

* Athletics

* Gymnastics

* Health related exercise

* Games

* Swimming

Teaching and Assessment

In year 7 pupils are assessed using a range of core skills tests in order to provide a baseline level. In Year 8 students will continue to develop the skills acquired previously as well as introducing more advanced skills such as leading and coaching.

Assessment takes place on a termly basis using a Head, Hearts and Hands system. This means that students are not only assessed on their practical ability but also their ability to officiate, identify and develop areas of weakness in a performance, their ability to lead others, fitness levels and much more making for a much more rounded assessment of student’s abilities.

Further Information

All Pupils in KS3 have two 60 minute lessons a week.