July 11, 2018

KS4 Core PE

In KS4 we offer are more individualised curriculums to our students.

In year 9 students are able to choose a curriculum which is more individualised and has a specific focus e.g. team games however to ensure students are still receiving a broad programme each pathway includes a pool and leadership option. This allows our students to focus their attention on the sports/activities they enjoy most which will hopefully lead to lifelong participation.

Pathways include:

* Team games

* Individual Sports

* Aesthetic activities

* Health related exercise

In year 10 these pathways become more personalised and specific to the likes and interests of the group.

In year 11 students are given full autonomy over their curriculum choosing the exact activities which they would like to do.

Teaching and Assessment

Assessment takes place on a termly basis using a Head, Hearts and Hands system. This means that students are not only assessed on their practical ability but also their ability to officiate, identify and develop areas of weakness in a performance, their ability to lead others, fitness levels and much more making for a much more rounded assessment of student’s abilities.

Further Information

All Pupils in KS4 have two 60 minute lessons a week.