March 16, 2011


During KS4 Biology, students learn about the way science and scientists work within society. They consider the relationships between data, evidence, theories and explanations, and develop their practical, problem-solving and enquiry skills, working individually and in groups. They evaluate enquiry methods andconclusions both qualitatively and quantitatively, and communicate their ideas with clarity and precision. All students develop their ability to relate their understanding of science to their own and others’ decisions about lifestyles, and to scientific and technological developments in society. Students also develop their understanding and skills in ways that provide the basis for further studies in science and related areas.

In KS4 Biology students build on their knowledge from KS3 covering the following areas of study:

Organisms and health

  • Organisms are interdependent and adapted to their environments
  • Variation within species can lead to evolutionary changes and similarities and differences between species can be measured and classified
  • The ways in which organisms function are related to the genes in their cells
  • Chemical and electrical signals enable body systems to respond to internal and external changes, in order to maintain the body in an optimal state
  • Human health is affected by a range of environmental and inherited factors, by the use and misuse of drugs and by medical treatments

Cells and growth

  • Chemical reactions essential for life and growth take place inside cells.
  • Differences between plant and animal cells lead to different patterns of growth and development.
  • Cell division, control and genetics including evolution and genetic modification

Energy flow and element cycles

  • Plant biomass provides energy and nutrients for other organisms. Through the consumption of organisms and decay, energy flows through the biosphere and chemical elements are recycled within it.
  • Control cycles within the body and how these keep us healthy.
  • How human activity can affect ecosystems and how ecosystems affect populations.