May 29, 2012

CSI Boldon

In 2012 The Science Department here at Boldon School developed a transition project in order to give Year 6 and some Year 5 students an insight into Secondary Science education. Local primary schools were invited to attend the School to participate in CSI Boldon. Students were given the opportunity to wear crime scene investigation suits and footwear and explore the crime scene for evidence in order to investigate how our Head Teacher, Mrs Hayes, came to suffer a blow to the head.

Students participated in Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical activities and gathered a portfolio of evidence. The sessions were then reviewed by students who matched their findings to the information they had on their suspects, many of whom were their own local teachers. They were able to report back to Mrs Hayes about how she came to hurt her head.

Student feedback was extremely positive and they relished the opportunity to have a hands-on approach to Science education in the Secondary School.

Through having a better understanding and input from the primary students, we can now use the work produced to assess the needs of students who are due to attend in September 2012 in order to better target their KS3 teaching.

See the Video Here: