May 25, 2011

Food Technology

Brief Description of the Course

GCSE Double Award Course (Edexcel exam board)

This is an exciting new specification which focuses on learning through both theory and practical work. Students learn about materials and components and also study the manufacturing of food. This is a double award GCSE so is the equivalent of two GCSE grades. Specific subject areas include:

  • Understanding the functional properties of food
  • Understanding the nutritional properties of food
  • The use of standard components in food
  • Product prototype development
  • Labelling, packaging and codes of practice
  • The need and effect of additives
  • Manufacturing and large scale production of food

These are a small example of the areas studied. To compliment learning, students are also required to demonstrate designing and making skills by completing 2 focussed practical tasks and assignments.


There are two pieces of written course work to complete which are worth 66% of the total GCSE grade. The final part of the GCSE is a written exam worth 33% of the award.

Unit 1 Designing Products for Manufacture.

Written coursework and practical worth 33% of the final grade

Unit 2  Manufactured Products.

Written coursework and practical worth 33% of the final grade

Unit 3 Application of Technology.

Written exam paper of one and a half hours worth 33% of the final grade.