May 27, 2011

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) is a nationally recognised qualification which looks excellent on CV’s and personal statements and will really help you stand out from the crowd when you apply for college, university or jobs.!

The award is about going the extra mile – gaining new skills, pushing yourself physically, helping others and exploring new territories. At the same time, you’ll gather friendships, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

At Boldon School we offer both Bronze and Silver DofE awards and we have made many links with local providers should our students wish to progress onto Gold.

The award is split into 4 sections; Physical, Skills, Volunteering and Expedition with the number of hours required being dependent on the level being completed.

Timescale Requirements:

Bronze timescales:

* Volunteering section: 3 months

* Physical section: 3 months

* Skills section: 3 months

* Expedition section: 2 days/1 night

* You also have to do 3 more months in one of the Volunteering, Physical or Skills sections.

Silver timescales:

* Volunteering section: 6 months

* Physical and Skills sections: One section for 6 months and the other section for 3 months

* Expedition section: 3 days/2 nights

* If you didn’t do Bronze, you must undertake a further 6 months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical or Skills sections.

Section Requirements:

The Physical section is a chance for you to focus on your health and fitness and have fun along the way. As long as you pick something that requires a sustained level of

energy and physical activity, the possibilities are endless. Improve your football, rock climbing or dance skills or try a completely new sport or activity. Join a team or do it on your own. You don’t have to be super fit or world class – with the DofE, it’s about setting your own challenges, giving 100% and being the very best you can be.

The Skills section is about discovering what you’re really good at. Maybe you want to get better at something you already do, like playing a musical instrument, or learn something for the very first time, like how to design a website? By developing practical and social skills and nurturing your personal interests and talents, you’ll boost your self-esteem and your CV.

Volunteering: is all about making a difference to other people’s lives. Perhaps you’re interested in animals or conservation? Or you might like to work with older people or raise money for a cause that means a lot to you? From teaching children cyber safety to starting a local recycling campaign, the Volunteering section of your DofE enables you to give your time to help others and change things for the better. You’ll really put your heart into volunteering and many find this section the most rewarding and continue to volunteer long after achieving a DofE Award.

The expeditions involve working as part of a small team, you’ll plan and complete a practice and final expedition that will truly stretch your horizons. You’ll improve your communication and leadership skills and take a rucksack full of memories home with you.

There is a £20 registration fee to register on the course however all other costs are covered by ourselves. We supply the kit required, arrange the expeditions and ensure you are fully equipped with the skills and experience that you need to complete the awards successfully.

DofE is challenging and it will put you out of your comfort zone however it is 100% worth the effort and the experience that you gain will set you up for life.

If you would like any futher information please contact Mrs Hall or visit the DofE website