May 27, 2011

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Brief Description of the Course

Duke of edinburgh

The DofE award is nationally recognized qualification where pupils can develop their physical fitness, confidence, teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving skills through a programme designed by the pupils themselves.

The award is split into 4 sections, Physical Skills, Volunteering and Expedition.

For the Physical section, pupils must chose and develop their fitness in an area of their choice in preparation for their expedition, whether through football, dancing, trampoline or the fitness room, pupils can choose what suits them.

For the Skils section, pupils must chose an area in which they are interested and develop their skils in that area, whether that be gardening, sports leadership, DIY, bicycle maintenance or cookery, the choices are endless.

For the volunteering section, pupils must commit to helping others in the local community, whether that is at an old peoples home, coaching football to youngsters, supporting peers in school or making Christmas decorations for a local church, pupils must commit to helping those in need.

For the expedition section, pupils must complete a 2 day, 1 night expedition. This involves developing and using map reading and navigation skills, team work, camp craft, cooking on a camping stove, problem solving, sleeping in a tent with a friend, carrying a large rucksack filled with all your equipment and having a lot of fun!

The programme can be full of activities and projects that will be both enjoyable and challenging, where you will make new friends and give something back to the community. You will gain a lot of new skills and develop existing ones, and make memories to last a lifetime, and best of all, the Duke of Edinburgh award looks great on your CV when applying for Sixth Form, College, University or for a job!