May 25, 2011

Health and Social Care

In KS3 and KS4 the students are studying towards

health and social care 2 (250x166)

Cambridge Nationals in Health and Social Care

– Cambridge Nationals in Health and Social Care will equip you with sound specialist knowledge and skills for everyday use.

– Cambridge Nationals are vocationally related qualifications that take an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment.

– They’re industry relevant, geared to key sector requirements.

Course Structure

  • Essential values of care for use with individuals in care settings – Exam board Assessed

Written paper 1 hour

(Year 11 – January 2017 / June 2017)

(Year 10 – June 2017 / January 2018 / June 2018)

  • Communicating Unit – School Assessed
  • Understanding Life Stages – School Assessed
  • First Aid – School Assessed

Unit / Final Grading

•Distinction* (Grade A*)
•Distinction (Grade A)
•Merit (Grade B)
•Pass (Grade C)