May 25, 2011

Leisure and Tourism

In KS3 and KS4 the students are studying towards

Edexcel GCSE Leisure & Tourism

The Edexcel GCSE in Leisure and Tourism comprises two units: Units 1 and 2.

Unit 1: The Leisure and Tourism Industry

Overview of content
• The nature of the leisure and tourism industry
• Introduction to business operations in leisure and tourism
• Factors influencing customer choice
• Introduction to destinations, impacts and sustainability

Overview of assessment
• This unit is assessed through a one-hour examination paper, set and marked by Edexcel.
• The paper will be a question and answer booklet and all questions are compulsory.

40% of the total GCSE

Unit 2: Sales, Promotion and Operations in Leisure and Tourism

Overview of content
•Sales in leisure and tourism contexts
• Promotion in leisure and tourism contexts
• Promotional techniques and materials in leisure and tourism
•Operations used in leisure and tourism organisations

Overview of assessment
• This unit is internally assessed under controlled conditions.
•Marking of the tasks will be carried out by teachers using the assessment criteria provided in the specification, and moderated by Edexcel.
• The total number of raw marks available is 60.

60% of the total GCSE