May 25, 2011

Learning Mentors

We have an excellent team of mentors in the school, who support studentsvalmal from Year 7 to Year 11. Students are able to request an appointment at any time. Their issues may vary from friendships, relationships, bereavement to self-esteem and family circumstances.

Any parent/carer who may have concerns regarding their son/daughter may contact us from 7.30am-4.30pm. We are also happy to arrange a meeting in school at a convenient time.

Contact:  01915362176 Ext 237

Our mentors have trained in many courses since 2001 and have a wealth of experience working with both young people and their families.

Students can access a various range of specifically tailored, one to one support sessions which may help them to address the barriers to their learning.

This may be created by a particular impairment, e.g. mental-health conditions,  autistic spectrum disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety etc.

For some students, this support will need to be ongoing while for others it might be gradually phased out or only be required at certain points of their school life.

Over the years, both mentors have guided their mentees through adversities such as:

  • Grief / bereavement
  • Self harm
  • Relationships
  • Bullying
  • Sexuality issues
  • Loss & Trauma
  • Fostering / placements
  • Anger
  • Attachment
  • Family breakdown
  • plus much more

Mentor Clubs:

Lunchtime HU1 11.45-12.45pm


  •         Nov 11-13th 2016 Powburn
            Money to be paid by 21st October
  • March 10-12th 2017    Letters will be out in January
  • May 5th -7th 2017      Letters will be out in March

Click here to view our Powburn checklist


stonewalluk LGBT Survey for 11 – 19 Year Olds

Please click the link below and complete the short survey. 

Disrespect Nobody tool. A helpful guide to relationships

Mental Health Training for Parents

Mental Health Training for Parents

This video provides advice and ideas for concerned parents, teachers or other adults who want to know what they should and shouldn’t say and do if a child or young person discloses that they have been self-harming.

To view the video click HERE