April 17, 2012

Maths Resources

Maths resources for use at school or at home

Boldon School currently subscribes to mymaths.co.uk ,this is a site to which all Boldon children have access and a password. It is for use both at school and at home giving access to maths at all levels.

In addition in the Learning Support department we have found others which can be of help, some of which are interactive whiteboard resources but are equally useful in the home as a P.C. resource.


This is primarily a whiteboard resource but very usable at home. It is especially useful for learning to tell time, space, measure etc.


A colourful site, which is ideal for children working on lower levels or for primary school children.


This site is geared towards adults who wish to improve their skills but is also ideal for key stage 3 /4 children.


A free maths resource site for years 1-10 it includes lots of printable worksheets.


This is a site intended for Learning Support teachers but an excellent resource to use at home. It includes excellent printable worksheets.


Suitable for key stages 1-4 ideal for more able children.


This site is dedicated to teaching children of all ages to tell the time.


Although this is a pay site it supplies many good free resources, in addition you can put in your email and it will regularly send you free resources to your inbox many of which are themed e.g. Christmas Easter etc

The sites listed here, although primarily aimed at maths will also supply resources on many other subjects and all are worth a browse.

We hope you find it helpful.

Learning Support Department.