December 15, 2011

School Council

Boldon School Council

Aim of the student Council:
  • To increase student voice at Boldon school.
  • Give students the opportunity to discuss and determine key issues affecting the school.
  • Assist teachers, parents and the local community in developing the school as an excellent learning institution.
How the council will operate:
  • Each tutor group within the school has 2 representatives within the school council.
  • There are 80 school members on the full council.
  • The council will meet 3 times per year for full meetings.
  • The school council may meet on other occasions to discuss key topics concerning students within school.
  • Student council representative will discuss with their tutor group key issues discussed through the full council.
Responsibility of council members:
  • Due to the high profile of the school council members are expected to behave in a responsible manner at all times.
  • Council members who misbehave in lessons will be removed from the council and a new representative will be nominated from their tutor group.
  • Council members will be involved in many different events throughout the course of the year such as teacher recruitment, meeting guests of the school, visiting outside speakers and venues and representing the school at regional and national events.
What are the key issues facing student at Boldon?
So far the council has been responsible for:
  • Appointing all new teaching and support staff.
  • Organising parents evenings and other events.
  • Voting on key issues such as the health support service.
  • The school day / future curriculum at Boldon school.
  • School lunchtime arrangements.
  • What extended clubs you want us to offer you.