There are a host of websites that can help you research careers information. Listed below are just some that will help you get your research of to a good start. One of the easiest ways is to search for “Careers in x” where x is really any area you like! Please remember that sometimes you may need advice and guidance to clarify information you find on the internet. Use your parents, carers, relatives and teachers to bounce ideas off, and if you are really stuck, we have access to qualified Careers Advisers in school to help you.

Find out about jobs and then links on to a specific related sites.

An independent, free website that shows the link between what you study, what you earn and the jobs you can get:

Information on apprenticeship schemes:

A website for those considering a career in the Merchant Navy, which contains the contact detail of all sponsoring companies:

A forum set up for the benefits of students interested in training to be a midwife:

A website which lots of information about the huge range of careers that are possible within the NHS:

A website with information about joining the police force:

South Tyneside Youth Services website:

A website dedicated to students not planning on going to university:

A careers information website:


Further/Higher Education:

Information on wage return to particular degrees and universities:


Tomorrow’s Engineers – information on careers in Engineering:


Some more useful links: – a national website that lists available apprenticeships. Yong people need to register to apply. – a website that gives a range of information for young people and has a wide selection of jab vacancies advertised on it. – this website has useful information around Careers including job profiles which highlight relevant skills, personal qualities, entry routes and requirements. – this website lists every UK based university course (with grades required) and also offers advice on applying to university – a national website that allows YP to carry out job search. – the official Graduate Careers website – find graduate jobs, postgraduate courses, work experience and careers advice. – a local website listing activities which young people can get involved in South Tyneside. – NHS careers info – Police careers info – Teaching careers info – Information about volunteering opportunities in the local area – A useful website for job searching in the local area.