b"Sports, Arts & TechnologyPhysical activity is not just part of our curriculum, it's at the core of our philosophy. With a diverse range of sports offered, we empower students to explore and discover their athletic interests with programmes being designed to foster a sense of enthusiasm and passion. We believe all students have the potential to excel in sports and it's our duty to provide the resources and opportunities to do so.It is important for students to be able to express their creativity. Various creative areas are offered to students at Boldon School. Students can take part in projects during class or enhance their artistic skills in extracurricular activities. We host a performance every year which is developed by the students ranging from production to acting.We think it is important that our students are familiar with modern technology that allows them to progress further in their education. Our modern IT facilities allow students to progress even further whilst familiarising them with the technology and software that is used in industry.1616"