Sport Student Views

Children and young people can offer unique perspectives on what it is like to be a student at their school. At Boldon School, we value the views of our students, involving them in decision-making, helping to shape our curriculum, as well as facilitating a sense of empowerment and inclusion.

We have a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all children and young people. It means placing value on what children and young people tell school staff about their experiences. This is of particular importance across each subject area. We try to promote meaningful opportunities to share their experiences, views and hopes about their school. To build a safe environment, better relationships across the whole school community and empower students with the knowledge that what they say is valued and will be listened to and considered.

We are proud to hear their views about our curriculum, teachers and the learning environment we create:

"I love Sport because of the passion my teammates show. I enjoy being active in lessons and learning how to lead sessions".


Year 9

“I really enjoy learning about contemporary issues in sport. Teachers have helped me so much, they are always available to do extra intervention and always recap information at the end of lessons”.


Year 10

“I enjoy BTEC Sport as it is very engaging and it is easy to learn. The practical is always fun and very competitive”.


Year 11