A curriculum can shape the future of a child’s education

The school curriculum is centred around the whole child. Our education programme is about teaching the knowledge, skills and values they require to be effective lifelong learners. Students are empowered to make decisions, within a complex and ever changing world, so they are able to positively adapt and lead successful and happy lives. We do this by providing a curriculum which teaches knowledge and skills within the context of strong shared values of mutual respect, so that across all of their learning our children reflect and become increasingly resilient and develop responsibility.

The curriculum at Boldon School underpins our school ethos of ‘Innovate, Focus and Achieve’. Our curriculum delivers vital subject knowledge and skills that are complemented by a range of enrichment activities that broaden and extend the student experience.

The curriculum is designed to be progressive, interleaved and sequenced to develop knowledge and provide a wide range of courses that challenge, engage and raise the aspirations of our students. The vast majority of students study the English Baccalaureate – as this provides an academically broad and balanced curriculum. 

The British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs are taught explicitly and reinforced in the way in which the school operates. This is supported by strong and outstanding personal development opportunities embedded in our Relationships and Sex Education and Careers programme. The school closely follows the Gatsby benchmarks that underpin a diverse and extensive careers education programme.

Our aim is for all students to develop a love for learning, acquiring subject specific knowledge to develop breadth and depth through a three year Key Stage 3 programme. This structure enables our students to make informed choices and follow their own personal interests at Key Stage 4. Flexibility in the curriculum allows for adaptations to be made that are responsive to the needs of both individuals and groups of students as they progress through our school. Every child should achieve their full potential regardless of their starting point.