A massive part of succeeding in your course is to make sure you find the right way to revise for each course. Throughout this page you will find a variety of links that will support you in different subjects.

Year 11 Revision Strategies Booklet:

Y11 Revision Strategies Booklet.pptx

General revision sites that you might find useful:


All students have been given a GCSEPod account where they can listen to podcasts and watch videos for a range of different subjects. Students must sign up to this service using their Boldon School email address ( and then select the subjects they’re studying.

BBC Bitesize

You will find a range of content on this site that will help support your learning for different courses. As well as information this site also includes quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding.

Online Mind Map creator

You might find this site useful to develop virtual mind maps for different subjects which is completely free. You can expand on each point in more depth using the attachment icon.


Interactive learning tool to help develop you knowledge in a range of subjects. You will need to sign up to this website however it is free.

Subject specific study in case of school shut down.

Subject Websites to access learning content



Audio and video podcasts for a range of subjects:

Learning platform with tests for a range of subjects free sign up:

Interactive quizzes for a range of topics. Can complete solo tests:

GCSE revision website for a range of subjects:

Revision Techniques, Revision Timetable, Yr 11 Revision,

English Directed to use GCSEPod

Science Directed to use GCSEPod
Computer Science (OCR course 9-1)

YouTube: Craig and Dave videos & Computer Science Tutor

Pseudocode Challenge site:

History KS4 Directed to work through tasks on Seneca learning:
Geography (Year 7 Work through Bitesize KS3 on the topics development, population/migration and OS maps)(Year 8  Work through BBC Bitesize KS3 on the  topics ecosystems, natural hazards, energy /resources and OS maps). Students to complete work packs
Religious studies Directed to GCSEPod


Business revenue, costs and profits:

Business BTEC Exam Explained – Component 3:

Promotion & Finance for Enterprise:

Cash Flow

Financial Documents:

Creative Imedia


Flash Cards/Games/Tests R081(Theory):








Table Tennis

Child Development